Minimum requirement: anyone interested in our lab should be proficient in computer programming (C/C++, Python) and comfortable with Linux.

Postdoctoral fellow and visitors: we can only consider scholars with their own source of funding. Check back later for open positions.

Graduate students: please apply to our graduate program: We do not have any open funded position at this moment and can only consider students with their own source of funding. You may also apply for the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship. Funded positions may open up in future.

Undergraduate students: at this time, we are not actively recruiting undergraduates. However, enthusiastic UCLA undergraduates (of any major) may be involved with our lab through SRP 99/199. Send us an email with your resume and transcript. You should have expertise or keen interest in one of the following areas: object-oriented programming, solid & structural mechanics, robotics, machine learning & artificial intelligence, rapid prototyping & machining.

Collaborators and others: send us an email!


You may get in touch using the form below.

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