Introduction to Computer Programming

This is an introductory undergraduate level course the covers the following topics: fundamentals of computer programming taught in context of MATLAB computing environment. Basic data types and control structures. Input/output. Functions. Data visualization. MATLAB-based data structures. Development of efficient codes. Introduction to object-oriented programming. Examples and exercises from engineering, mathematics, and physical sciences.

Sample Final Project from Fall 2018

MAE 156A

Advanced Strength of Materials

This is an upper-level undergraduate course that covers the following topics: concepts of stress, strain, and material behavior. Stresses in loaded beams with symmetric and asymmetric cross sections. Torsion of cylinders and thin-walled structures, shear flow. Stresses in pressure vessels, press-fit and shrink-fit problems, rotating shafts. Curved beams. Contact stresses. Strength and failure, plastic deformation, fatigue, elastic instability.

MAE 259B

Mechanics of slender structures and soft robots

This is a graduate-level seminar course. The topic in Spring 2018 and Spring 2019 was simulation of slender structures and soft robots. We covered state-of-the-art simulation algorithms, e.g. Discrete Elastic Rods. The course is project-based where students develop a computational tool to simulate a deformable structure or soft robot. Prior projects range from simulation of insect wings to analysis of a bouncing ball.

Course notes used in Spring 2018, 2019